Santa Maria di Leuca is one of the most admired touristic destination of Salento and the reasons are numerous:
beaches, crystalline water and a glorious history that today shows through several proofs like rocky settlements, Art Nouveau style buildings and the caverns make it a relevant destination for the toursits from Puglia.

This strip of land placed at the extremity of Salento is an hamlet of little more one thousand inhabitans belonging to Castrignano del Capo district: however, in spite of its small dimensions, it allows to live the Salento’s traditions, discovering monuments and archaelogical sites and above all, to enjoy its amazing beaches and the night life for young people.

Santa Maria di Leuca: what to see from the port to the caverns

The Santa Maria di Leuca port is the first thing that strikes immediately when you arrive in the beautiful place of Salento; located between Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso, it allows the boarding and disembarkation of fishing boats and passenger ships.

In the evening, the Colombo seafront area is a popular zone for those who want to walk under the moonlight after a long day at the beach. The symbol of the site is the famous Faro, located near Santuario, on the Leuca promontory: thanks to its strategic position, it allows to catch sight of Corfù in the most clear days and in the early morning if possible. Climbing the spiral staircase, in fact, you arrive to a beautiful panoramic terrace, the ideal to take pictures.

Arriving in Santa Maria di Leuca you can not be fascianted by the many karst caverns. The most famous are Grotta del Diavolo and Grotta Porcinara where it was found a wall of the Ancient Greek. The place, in the end, is famous for the villas of different style: there are those Art Nouveau, in Gothic style, Arabian or French.

Santa Maria di Leuca beaches: clear waters and peace

The pecularity of Santa Maria di Leuca is its extreme position that offers two different coasts completely: one of Ponente, full of caverns, overlooked Ionio sea and one of levante, indented and rocky, on the Adriatic side.

All of them are beautiful and give the possibility to find the most suitable place to the tourist, depending on the type of holiday: there are equipped beaches for families, small peaceful beach clubs, immersed in the silence and beaches for young fun loving people. Among the most interesting beaches near Leuca they stand out Marina di Felloniche, charaterized by a sandy and low beach, Torre Vado, Pescoluse and Posto Vecchio, famous for the golden sand.

What to eat in Salento

Salento boasts an extraordinary gastronomic tradition and exactly in Santa Maria di Leuca you will have the possibility to taste the most good recipes, in particular the fish dishes, often suggested at reasonable prices.